We are absolutely delighted and smitten with our Kai from Kelela.  He is the perfect mix of sweetness and energy we hoped for from an Abyssinian kitten.  He gets along well with our existing group (3 cats and 2 dogs), and has a fan club at our veterinarian's office.  Last, we really appreciate the care you take in producing healthy, quality cats and all the help you provided when Kai came into our lives.
                              Thank you.  Jeff H.

Kelela Abyssinians




Being a responsible and ethical breeder is not an easy task and anyone who thinks so should reconsider that position.  I breed for the love of the Abyssinian because I see something special and I want to, to the best of my ability, 'help' create the best of that breed I possibly can, since after all, there is no such thing as perfection.

‚ÄčI chose my foundation cats with great care for health, temperament and adherence to the breed standards.  It is no easy task. At times a breeder will fail and at times we succeed.  Our love for the breed keeps us going and there are many times we want to give up, but we don't.  In most things we do there is joy and there is pain.  Every kitten, every cat is a gift.